A Breakthrough to Generate Some Progress Around the Olden Cold Chain Problem

Overhaul, a global leader in active supply chain risk management and intelligence, has officially announced the launch of its cutting-edge Cold Chain Quality Solution, which is designed to conceive unparalleled risk and quality management for time and temperature-sensitive cargo. In order to understand the significance of such a development, though, we must acknowledge that an estimated 20% of temperature-sensitive products seemingly get damaged during transit due to supply chain disruptions. In response, Overhaul’s latest brainchild works by leveraging real-time global visibility, proactive risk management, and advanced quality control to address the pressing need for reliable cold chain logistics. Making that mechanism even more important would be the solution’s ability to integrate with existing systems to offer device-agnostic and comprehensive monitoring capabilities in your original workflows. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the promise of Comprehensive Monitoring itself, a promise where real-time multimodal visibility and shipment tracking ensure faster delivery confirmations and proactive risk management at a unified juncture. Next up, we must get into the solution’s Advanced Temperature Control feature. Here, users can basically access detailed excursion reports, conduct automated quality checks using QR codes, and incorporate Overhaul’s RiskGPT innovations. This they can do while simultaneously applying predictive analytics for the purpose of identifying and mitigating potential risks before they impact the cargo.

“Overhaul’s portfolio includes nine of the top ten pharma companies globally, underscoring our dedication to the highest supply chain management standards,” said Barry Conlon, CEO and Founder of Overhaul. “Our Cold Chain Quality Solution integrates advanced technology and comprehensive monitoring features, including our global control tower operations and live monitoring. These capabilities empower clients to protect their valuable cargo and maintain supply chain integrity.”

Building upon the same would be the solution’s enhanced Security and Intervention mechanism. The stated mechanism banks upon global control tower operations, live monitoring, and law enforcement engagement to cut down rather dramatically upon events of theft, spoilage, and other risks. Moving on, the all-new Cold Chain Quality Solution is even well-equipped to facilitate Rapid, Device-Agnostic IoT Deployment. You see, we get to say that because of the way Overhaul’s IoT Assess & Deploy Solution offers device-agnostic capabilities to allow swift and seamless integration with existing systems. Not just that, these capabilities can also come in handy when the agenda is to optimize the deployment of IoT devices for maximum efficiency and accuracy. Complimenting the entire proposition would be the solution’s complete compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines. Such a factor becomes all the more important in a situation where highest standards of transportation are required, with one example being pharmaceutical goods.

Deployed across a few select supply chain ecosystems, the Cold Chain Quality Solution has already delivered positive results. For instance, it was successful in saving more than $1 million just by preventing spoilage and waste for a healthcare and nutrition products manufacturer. Furthermore, it achieved a 30% reduction in temperature-controlled shipping costs for a vaccine distributor. This came alongside the solution’s 99% perfect order delivery record with zero spoilage for a global cold chain distributor. Beyond that, the solution also conceived $100K in annual cost savings by eliminating manual check calls for an international pharmaceutical manufacturer.

“We share Overhaul’s vision for advancing product integrity and safety in cold chain logistics,” said Jeffrey Beck, Global Quality Supply Chain Head of Americas at Sanofi. “Overhaul’s ColdChain Quality Solution is an exciting step forward, and we are enthusiastic about the potential it holds for the industry’s future. Collaborating on such innovations can drive significant improvements in the safe and efficient delivery of temperature-sensitive products.”

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