CSCEC creeps to first again in brand value

May 10 was the fourth China Brand Day. China Council for Brand Development, China Appraisal Society, and other co-organizers jointly held the virtual 2020 China Brand Evaluation Press Conference in the studio of Xinhuanet. With a brand strength score of 972 and a brand value of over 110 billion yuan, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) was once again ranked the top brand in the construction industry and the 17th in the 2020 Top 100 Chinese Listed Companies by Brand Value.

The China Brand Evaluation Press Conference, as a public-benefit event, has been held consecutively for seven years. The number of brands released this year was 564, covering corporate brands, product brands, China time-honored brands, independent innovation brands, geographical indication brands, etc.

The brands came from 15 industries such as energy and chemicals, light, textile and apparel, etc. The total brand value reached 7.36 trillion yuan.

CSCEC has contributed actively to building a community with a shared future for mankind. This year, CSCEC played a very important role during the COVID-19 crisis.

It built 100 emergency response projects such as the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals, coordinated epidemic prevention and production resumption, and united the upstream and downstream corporations of the industrial chain towards joint development and to overcome difficulties. Meanwhile, CSCEC also joined the global efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic, presenting the strength and sense of responsibility of China’s construction industry to the world.

CSCEC attaches equal importance to fostering a strong company culture and promoting the corporate brand. The company calls for hard work, fine craftsmanship, and the spirit of construction exemplified in its work to build the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals, in order to elevate employees’ values and behavior standards and further develop the soft power of its brand culture matching the world’s first-class enterprises. At the same time, CSCEC seeks to build an overseas communication platform to promote cross-cultural integration.

In 2019, CSCEC produced great results in raising its brand value. It ranked the 21st on the Fortune Global 500 and retained the top ranking in the Brand Finance Global 500 in the global construction industry.

For five consecutive years, CSCEC maintained the highest global credit rating in the industry, which was unanimously issued by the world’s big three credit rating agencies, Standard &Poor’s(S&P), Moody’s, and Fitch. Also, in 2019, CSCEC once again ranked the first in the Engineering News-Record (ENR) Top 250 Global Contractors.

In the future, guided by the goal of building a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness, CSCEC will further enhance its top-level design, optimize the brand strategy, highlight the core values, and increase its brand influence in an all-round way, striving to become a top brand in the world with high reputation and wide recognition.

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