Opening the Doors for Greater Versatility Across an Industry Stuck Deeply in its Ways

CASE Construction Equipment has officially announced the launch of new models and upgrades for construction and utility crews. Meant to bring greater versatility and maneuverability, the whole development kicks off with new CASE Construction King backhoe loaders that offer side-shift capabilities to let operators move the boom left or right for working parallel to walls or around obstacles. Available in 97-hp CASE 580SV Construction King side shift, a larger, 110-hp CASE 695SV side-shift and 695SV center-pivot models, the loaders feature ProControl swing dampening, auto ride control, and ECO modes for fuel savings, along with significant upgrades to maneuverability. The CASE 580SV side shift, in particular, lets you access a tool carrier design that promotes stability and material retention, while its side-shift configuration and narrow width simultaneously caters to confined spaces. On the other hand, CASE 695SV side-shift and center-pivot models come decked up with a tool carrier loader arm that enables them to facilitate double duty as a wheel loader. Anyway, next up, we have the all-new CASE CX50D mini excavator, which is a 5-tonne class machine, capable of offering industry-leading lifting capacity and digging performance. To deliver on that, the machine features a multifunctional hydraulics and a second auxiliary circuit, as well as an optional third auxiliary circuit for advanced attachments like tilt rotators and grapples. Furthermore, it offers another optional dedicated auxiliary circuit to power mulchers. Crews can also, markedly enough, execute material handling tasks safely with the optional Object Handling Kit, which includes check valves on the boom and arm.

Moving on to a full-sized well loader, the CASE 651G wheel loader brings out a breakout force of nearly 24,000 lbs. something which helps it in achieving lifting capacity of over 16,100 lbs. Talk about the machine on a slightly deeper level, it has a large hydraulic pump for increased cycle times, a curved bucket for material retention, and a high hinge pin for dumping clearance. On top of that, it also has one touchscreen display, and a set of adjustable electrohydraulic controls that allow the operator to independently set boom and bucket responsiveness to smooth, moderate or aggressive. Joining them is an integrated onboard scale, a scale which is given the responsibility to weigh loads and track material. All in all, the stated loader’s cab features AC, heated seats, Bluetooth radio, phone connectivity, a rear sloping hood, and also optional backup camera for visibility.

Another detail worth a mention here is rooted in the update introduced across CASE F Series compact wheel loaders. These updates, on their part, will aid the cause of teams working in confined jobsites through new features that support visibility and control. But how will the machine achieve such an objective? Well, for the visibility part, it will use an elevated driving position, curved glass in the cab, and four-corner strobe lights. Turning our attention towards the promise of better control, it will be realized using Z-bar linkage upgrades that let operators more effectively support breakout force. The CASE 21F, 121F, 221F and 321F models in the CASE F Series also offer maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solutions that eliminate the need of regeneration and diesel particulate filters.

Finally, our last piece of highlight comes from CASE H Series rough-terrain forklifts that present you with a versatile solution for lifting heavy loads in off-road environments. On a more practical note, these forklifts will receive a new factory-designed, built and installed enclosed cab option, which can protect operators from harmful external elements. Among other details, we can mention how the stated machine has facilities like heat, AC, Bluetooth radio, and USB charging ports etc.


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