Unleash AI Technologies In Oil And Gas With AUTOMA 2023

The topic of artificial intelligence in the oil and gas industry is one of the highlights of the Oil and Gas Automation and Digitalisation Congress, held on November, 27-28, 2023. The Congress gathers the leading industry representatives to share innovative ways of industry transformation through digital tools and AI systems.

The whole value chain of the oil and gas industry has been facing great changes since the switching to artificial intelligence. More companies implement the high-tech tools in exploration, development, production, transportation, and refining. For instance, TUPRAS has designed and implemented a portfolio for consolidating data science activities in Tupras Data Analytics Center. The platform shares business details, data-related knowledge, modelling procedures, and deployment steps of projects for mediating and scaling ongoing projects, enriching knowledge transfer among stakeholders, facilitating ideation of new products, and supporting the onboarding of new employees and developers.

AI allows companies to discover new exploration prospects and enable better usage of existing infrastructures. At the AUTOMA 2023 delegates are going to explore further the ways of industry development through AI systems: predictive maintenance to manage unplanned operation shutdowns, first principle simulation techniques to provide sustainable production, data science to impact the efficient performance of a company.

At the session “artificial intelligence in oil and gas” Norito Iwamuro, Senior Engineer at JGC Corporation, is going to talk about digitalisation of information transfer from design in the EPC industry. Also, Abhinav Priyadarshi, Global Director, Digital Transformation and Innovation at Wood, will present the speech dedicated to creating a Digital Twin from scratch with a help of AI. Abhinav Priyadarshi is going to discuss collection and integration of data from various sources, modelling and simulation of the process, and deployment of the digital twin for real-time monitoring and control.

Among speakers and delegates willing to impart their intelligent solutions for the industry transformation are representatives from NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad, Wood, Petrofac, PKN ORLEN S.A. Plock Refinery, Repsol, DESFA S.A., OMV Downstream GmbH, Seadrill  and many others.

The format of the Congress provides an opportunity to network with key players of the industry for further mutually beneficial cooperation. Bojan Dimitrijevic, Digital Transformation Strategy Manager at NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad, shared his experience of participating at the AUTOMA 2022: “This Congress is a great opportunity to meet industry leaders as well as smaller companies that are doing their specific tech”.

Learn more about AI in oil and gas with the AUTOMA 2023.

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