A Step Closer to a New Reality

Even though we give a lot of importance to having a well-defined end goal, one equally important factor is how we pursue that goal. You see, in order to make our pursuits meaningful, we must have an idea about taking a more creatively productive approach at every step. This not only sets us up for continuous progression, but it also ensures that each action is bringing a unique value to the cause. Now, when you allow such a progressive dynamic to fully flourish, it will naturally deliver some huge results, and we got to see it quite clearly once technology arrived on the block. Technology was a special creation right from the get-go due to multiple reasons. The way it enhanced our present was surely one of them, except an even more critical factor was its promise around our future. After holding on to certain principles for an exceedingly long period, we had a shot at completely revamping the ropes of human life, and fortunately, we took it. The benefits we witnessed afterwards went beyond every expectation. In fact, the tech capabilities are still defying a new boundary every day, as they guide us closer towards a future they promised. So far, we have seen plenty of milestones during this journey, and the latest one is brought to the fore by automotive giant, Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz has officially launched a high performance AMG version of its EQE electric sedan. The announcement significantly boosts company’s bid to go all-electric by 2030. After AMG EQS sedan, which was launched last year in September, the new AMG EQE becomes the second battery-electric production car from Mercedes-Benz’s AMG subsidiary. Built on EVA2 platform, it will reportedly boast an acceleration of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 149 mph. However, there is one caveat to unpack. If a customer opts out of the Dynamic Plus package, these numbers will drop to 3.4 in acceleration, whereas the top speed will fall as far as 137 mph. Apart from it, AMG EQE is also expected to have a horsepower of 677. Interestingly enough, Mercedes has reduced the cobalt content of battery chemistry to just 10%. With Cobalt being the most expensive battery material, cutting back on it should make EVs more affordable than they are right now.

At the moment, the company is actively towards a 2023 launch in US. The pricing aspect is still demanding some clarification, but the wider consensus doesn’t see it having a higher price point than the EQS series, which is sold for over $100,000.



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