Making the Ultimate Step-up

Human beings’ sensational rise to prominence is more than well-documented, but how it exactly came about still remains a big question. Nevertheless, despite all the uncertainty, we are aware of a few notable reasons, and a significant one among them revolves around our tendency to keep an open mind. You see, when we adopt a rather accepting stance in regards to welcoming newer possibilities, we give ourselves a legitimate shot at growing sustainably over a long-term period. Such a dynamic was on full-display during technology’s arrival. Technology stands out as a major milestone mainly because it brought a skill-set which, at the time, was way beyond our comprehension limits. This talked us into dramatically expanding our boundaries, and by doing so, we became the smartest generation our world has ever seen. Now, when you are arguably the smartest generation of all-time, you’ll never stay satisfied with just scratching the surface, hence soon enough, we were uncovering some outright unknown and fascinating aspects of technology. These aspects, in turn, will construct their forte across various areas. While the creation’s diverse footprint has already triggered some unbelievable leaps, it still continues to deliver the right goods. In fact, we got to see another piece of evidence for the same in Audi’s latest announcement.

Audi has officially partnered with Verizon, as the automotive giant plans to integrate 5G connectivity into its lineup by 2024. According to certain reports, the upgrade will likely carry several exciting features, including better software performance, enhanced navigation, and faster music and video streaming capabilities. The decision conforms well to Audi’s ongoing search for technologies that can effectively scale up the driving experience in terms of both luxury, and more importantly, safety. If we believe the given timeline, then Audi is now once again poised to be at the forefront of another innovation within the automotive industry. Before this one, the company had also inspired other automakers to fully adopt Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. Apart from that, Audi has genuinely done a lot to promote vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technology, which is primarily centered on facilitating communication between the car and municipal traffic system. The initial idea here was, of course, helping your car make informed predictions about traffic conditions, except so far, the said vision hasn’t fully materialized due to major bandwidth issues. Nevertheless, the setbacks have fortunately made no dent on Audi’s resolve. In company’s words, it’s ready to “collaborate with state departments of transportation, infrastructure providers, and technology providers to develop direct C-V2X communication that can protect vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, school children, road maintenance crews, and cyclists.”

Even though Audi has enjoyed being a leader when it comes to creativity and innovation, the company isn’t the first automaker to join the 5G party. Only last year, General Motors penned a deal with AT&T to go in a similar direction and bring cutting-edge 5G connectivity into its vehicles, including Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC .


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