Powering up the Modern Way

Regardless of our approach to life, we all must have an open outlook under any given situation. This allows you to keep every possibility alive, and consequentially, achieve as much as you want. Now, when you work with such an expansive mindset, it will always yield some interesting by-products over time. The human history is loaded with these by-products, and yet despite the high volume, nothing has managed to reach technology’s level. Technology appears as the clear-cut standout because, so far, it’s the only creation, which has complimented our need to pursue constant progression. In fact, it didn’t just make sure that we were moving forward on a regular basis, but it was also mindful enough to derive a different value from our each step. By doing the latter, technology really set the tone for world’s further journey. The benefits of this tone are now all over the place, with one more poised to join the list soon.

Ford and PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) are officially collaborating to turn the automotive giant’s F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck into a possible source of electricity. Keeping bidirectional charging at the heart, the project envisions a reality where the pickup truck can be used to electrify houses in an event of a grid outage. The companies plan to achieve this goal through Lighting’s 9.6 kW of Intelligent Backup Power that can provide electricity for upto 10 days on average. As per certain reports, Ford has also partnered with Sunrun to take care of installations, which are slated to begin in spring 2022. These installations will include a Ford Charge Station Pro and a home integration system. Apart from that, you can also throw in a solar panel system, if you want to charge your F-150 Lighting using free solar energy instead of relying on the grid.

“Today, we are seeing breakthrough opportunities at the intersection of the energy and transportation industries,” said Patti Poppe, CEO of PG&E. “As more electric vehicles and new charging technology become available, it is critical that we better understand how EVs can interact with the electric grid and how we can best support our customers.”

Ford isn’t PG&E’s first partner within the established context. In fact, the electricity company entered into a similar agreement with General Motors just a few days ago. However, considering the growing power needs, every player will have a major role in making sure that the landscape is able to deliver right goods rather consistently. Notably enough, the initial deployments emerging from Ford-PG&E partnership will only touch upon homes in California’s utility area.

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