The Unexpected Hat in the Ring

Human beings have learnt some really important lessons over the years, but one that’s up there hanging out with the biggest ones is the importance of pursing collective progression. You see, by doing so, we are able to grow in a more solid and sustainable way than we would have otherwise. Now, even though we are more than capable to follow through with such a pursuit on our own, the idea of giving it a different dimension using various external tools just sounded too good to ignore. Hence, parallel to our original journey, we set off on a whole another one for finding the said tools. The world will, in fact, end up finding plenty of them, but none stuck out so prominently like technology. Using technology as an inspiration, we started a revolution, and since that moment, human life was never the same. So far, there have been many arguments regarding whether it was for good or bad. We guess it has had a bit of both, and yet when you look at all the tech by-products, it becomes easy to understand the reasoning behind this change. For an example, we can pick and assess what is happening in an industry as important as the one of automotive. Having achieved complete revitalization through technology and its generational features, the automotive industry is currently on an unprecedented trajectory. Marking an important boost to the sector’s ongoing push for a greater future, we are now poised to witness a brand new player hitting the roads, and it’s barely the one we expected.

Sony officially rolled out its Vision-S EV during CES 2022. While the company made a big announcement regarding Vision-S 02 too, it wasn’t quite an attention-grabber like the moment they announced a full-fledged division for electric vehicles. Named as Sony Mobility, the new division is expected to really consolidate Sony’s foray into automotive. Last year only, the company’s leadership talked at length about how they plan on using their sophisticated sensory technology for building autonomous vehicles, indicating an advantage that is bigger than many think. Furthermore, Sony’s esteemed reputation in creating audio and entertainment systems also promises to give it a jumpstart with producing next-generation vehicles.

“The excitement we received after we showed off the Vision-S really encouraged us to further consider how we can bring creativity and technology to change the experience of moving from one place to another,” said Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony Chairman.

As for Vision-S 02, the new SUV will reportedly have 5G connectivity, Sony’s in-house 3D spatial audio technology, integrated PlayStation and Bravia IPs, and a host of other groundbreaking features.


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