A Game of Choices

Human beings need a lot of things to effectively get through different situations in life, but there are certain elements that end up boasting more importance than others. One such element talks to our core skill of adaptability. To bring our individual, as well as societal growth more on the seamless side, we must always remain adaptable, as that’s probably the only organic way in which we can introduce newer ideas to our space. These ideas, in turn, enhance our understanding of the world over time, and the said understanding then becomes the basis for even better prospects. With a productive setup of this sort, we have successfully gone beyond every pre-established boundary. Now, if we take a moment to assess how all our progressive runs have come about, we’ll see that each of them has actually enjoyed a unique role in forming our upwards trajectory, therefore any comparisons between their impact might not be as informative as many would think. However, despite the general environment appearing unsuitable for relative assessment, there are still certain milestones on our block that stand out quite comfortably, with the most significant one going by the name of technology. Even though technology was in the works for years, it somehow still feels like an overnight success story. This is largely the case due to the breakneck pace at which it has produced fresh avenues all around us. Unfortunately, though, we have seemingly reached a point where the channels are just too many, so it’s now turning into a case of sorting the priorities out. EV startup, Bollinger had to make a similar decision only recently.

Bollinger, a Michigan-based startup, has formally announced that it is postponing the plans to manufacture electric trucks. The indefinite postponement reportedly happened after the company decided to ramp up its focus on commercial delivery vans. Prior to this announcement, Bollinger had already delayed the electric trucks’ project once. The original manufacturing schedule for the company’s two EV trucks, BI and B2, was slated to kickstart in 2020, but that was pushed back into 2021. When questioned regarding the project’s future following another postponement, this one, of course, more ambiguous, Bollinger’s CEO, Robert Bollinger said:

“As these trucks are dear to my heart, I’d never say never. If our continued development in commercial allows us to someday return, there’d be no one happier than me. But there’s no timeline for that.”

To initiate a renewed push for the development of delivery vans, Bollinger is now scouring through potential manufacturing partners. Assuming the whole operation materializes according to the plan, the company can expect stiff competition from names likes General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Rivian.



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