A Sobering Decision

There are a gazillion reasons why technology ended up making big. The overall elements like utility, cost-effectiveness, and limited time consumption have been hugely influential in its success, but there was a bigger reason that seemed to be driving it forward, possibly the biggest of them all. We have all come to appreciate the value of our tech-driven devices in our lives, but what we don’t realize is that the personal nature of these devices is what makes them so important. Before technology, there was no such thing that could gauge our preferences in such a direct and seamless manner. Despite extensively using various by-products of technology, we have so far denied to accept that the reason why these by-products have been so effective is because of their ability to function as per our needs. Any conversation that alludes to this fact invites doubt over privacy breach, and maybe rightly so, but that’s a conversation for some other day. At its heart, technology is tailored made for each one of us, bringing some level of value to every purpose.

When there is so much efficiency in play, it kind of becomes a moral obligation to not just use it personally, but also use it for the greater good, and that’s what exactly we have done. The latest example of it can be observed in Bloomberg reports which claim that the US Senate will soon be a passing a bill to mandate the automakers to integrate drunk-driver-detecting technology. This decision follows the constant appeals to impose stricter penalties on DIU, something U.S. has always lacked. The said bill would constitute just one part of a much more comprehensive infrastructure bill that outlines a whole host of other safety measures as well.

As per the data put forth by US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 38,000 deaths happened purely because of road accidents. The numbers also paint DUI (Drinking under influence) as the biggest culprit behind these accidents, racking up a staggering 28% share in the total number. What DUI-recognizing technology will hope to achieve is to become the basis for stronger governance on this issue. Making roads neater in terms of safety of the drivers and pedestrians has been the objective of the authorities for a while now, and the new infrastructure bill provides them with the perfect pathway to get to that point.

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