Satisfying Your Food Cravings the Autonomous Way

Human ability to derive lessons from unlikeliest of sources is a gift that keeps on delivering. This dynamic has fed into our growth as significantly as one would expect. You see, by allowing different lessons and experience to guide us through various stages, we give ourselves a real shot at scaling up in a meaningful manner and yes, the incentives of doing so make the whole gig more than worthwhile. Now, if we dig into the said incentives, we’ll come across a huge volume, but it shouldn’t take you long in realizing that the most important one among them is, hands down, technology. The distance is so clear-cut mainly because of how the creation went about everything. Over the years, we have had many methods in place to carry out wide-ranging tasks, expect none really had the efficiency levels of technology. Furthermore, the convenience element within the creation’s bag also did a ton to bolster its long-term prospects. With convenience and efficiency shaping up what has, so far, looked like a truly unprecedented era, it was time to welcome technology into some core areas, and one discipline that apparently faced no trouble in understanding the assignment would be the automotive industry. Following an extensive makeover, the automotive sector is now rightfully known as an important part of the spectrum. However, a recent collaboration around this block is encouraging people to expect even bigger thing in near future.

Uber Technologies and Motional have formally announced a partnership, which is focused on providing autonomous deliveries to Uber customers. Using Motional’s EV fleet, Uber will be able to transport its curated meal kits in a whole new way, thus marking the company’s first ever on-road delivery partnership with an autonomous vehicle technology provider. On other hand, it’s sets up new beginnings for Motional too in terms of facilitating driverless deliveries. According to a confirmed report, Santa Monica is where the partnership will officially hit the road.

“Today, Motional enters the autonomous delivery market,” said Karl Iagnemma, Motional’s President and CEO. “We’re proud that our first delivery partner is Uber and are eager to begin using our trusted driverless technology to offer efficient and convenient deliveries to customers in California.”

As of late, Motional has been actively trying to expand its footprint. Last month only, the company announced concrete plans to launch a commercial robotaxi with Lyft. These ambitious growth plans should receive a boost by association with a name of Uber’s stature. It is unclear how many vehicles are going to be assigned for Uber deliveries, but we do know that Motional will use Hyundai IONIQ 5-based robotaxi for fulfilling all orders. The service is chalked up to begin in 2022.

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