Getting the EV Trend Rolling

Humans are always looking to cater their different needs through a variety of methods. In these bids to achieve satisfaction across multiple frontiers, we end up touching on many groundbreaking ideas. Now, not every idea takes off to become something special, but some ideas do turn into a reference point for the future generations, and when the talk is about being a reference point, there is hardly any example better than technology. While technology, as we know, has been made successful by a lot of influential factors, the creation’s core ability to scale up beyond any known boundary has to be its biggest selling point. You see, with such a structure in place, we were able to break our own limits and pull away rather comfortably from all the generations that came before us. In fact, even after doing the unthinkable, the world has continued to build upon that momentum, thus ushering ourselves into a dawn. The benefits of it are all over the place, including our automotive sector. A recent example of the industry’s progressive trajectory was provided to us by Ford.

The automotive-giant, Ford is set to launch a new EV charging project, which seems to be focused on helping the company’s clientele switch to electric vehicles. As per the reports, this project will see Ford venturing into selling EV charging equipment and software management tools. The decision comes on the back of company’s burgeoning EV vehicle sales that are well on pace to go past the 300,000 mark. Named as Ford Pro Charging, the project will take the shape of a subscription service, with the amount you pay depending on how many cars or charge ports you have in operation at a given time.

When asked about the core approach around the project, head of Ford Pro Charging, Muffi Ghadiali said:

“Does every vehicle need to be fully charged? Can we balance charge power against the available charging window to take advantage of low overnight energy rates? Ford Pro Charging accounts for a multitude of variables and controls each charge station precisely to optimize energy costs and ensure vehicle uptime.”

If we dig into the software part a little more, we’ll find out that every Ford EV will come with the company’s own telematics software. The software is designed to help owners keep track of things like location, charging status or the general health of their vehicle. Furthermore, it is also equipped enough to tell you when, where, and how often you need to charge your vehicle.

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