Weeding Out Unnecessary Obstructions to Optimize Supply Chains

Optilogic, a leading supply chain design software innovator, has officially announced the launch of a brand-new subscription-based Cosmic Reach consulting partner solution. According to certain reports, the stated solution comes bearing an ability to let its subscribers access everything they need to support myriad client use cases, train and deploy design teams, manage services engagements, and create new and sustained revenue streams. To understand the significance of such a development, though, we must acknowledge how most of other supply chain design partnership programs currently operating across the board are suffering from outdated, unscalable technology, as well as commercial terms that don’t fit the limited capital investment budgets, and at the same time, require consultants to pay for partner status, while simultaneously wasting time in administrative functions that take away from client work. Fortunately enough, the new Cosmic Reach consulting partner solution addresses that problem big time by bringing something created specifically for supply chain design consultants. This includes the whole spectrum, ranging from large firms to one-person shops. Talk about the given value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin with the prospect of free access to 100% SaaS-based Cosmic Frog supply chain design technology, training, and resources. Hence, users only have to pay for billable project time. Next up, we must get into the presence of enterprise administrative tools that are there to ensure easy management of users, hours, and billing.

“Our partners at Optilogic, and their entire team, have been great to work with,” said John McDermott, senior director of supply chain services and principal at St. Onge. “They have a great product, and even better customer service. We are very happy to have them backing us as we help our clients optimize their supply chains.”

Another detail worth a mention here is rooted in the solution’s ability to create an internal community for the purpose of building templates and training materials so to speed onboarding and skills development. Joining the same would be a shot at being able to access new revenue streams. This shot is going to be, by and large, a by-product of tailored apps leveraging Python, the commonly used, versatile, high-level programming language. Finally, our last piece of highlight comes from a single solution, which packs together optimization, simulation, risk scoring, and AI productivity tools to support all imaginable client use cases.

Having referred to the subscription’s features, we now must dig into how one can actually sign up for the service. For starters, they would need to create a free account, an account which they can start using immediately. Next up, the interested party must choose from consumption-based or time-based licensing options. Once they do so, they will receive an option to share access across a project team or use as an individual. After that particular step, the subscriber is free to schedule training and project support with Optilogic experts.

“Consultants need access to the technology even before projects begin,” said Don Hicks, founder of Optilogic. “So, we’ve made our supply chain design tools available for no money down so you can understand it and train on it and then, when you’re ready, use it to make money. That’s when you click ‘on’ and become a customer–and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.”

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