Doubling Down on the New-Age Trend

Human beings surely know a thing or two about consistent progression. After all, it has pretty much been our primary goal through the years, guiding us towards heights that were once too far. However, even though it may not be apparent in hindsight, the whole pursuit actually faced some serious challenges along the way. To overcome these challenges, we would end up needing an ingenious way out, and we’ll get exactly that once we discover technology. Make no mistake, technology wasn’t our only bid in the said context, but it was, by far, the best one, as it addressed our concerns in the most intelligible way, while also keeping things straightforward beyond all expectations. Now, when you have such a setup at your disposal, it’s only right to double down on your efforts. This took us a journey where we’ll see a complete transformation in terms of the world’s identity, and the ripple effects that emerged from it were notably felt within every sector, including the automotive industry. If you dig into the recent history, you’ll notice how automotive industry has looked at progression in a lot of different lights, with each version adding a unique value to the proportion. Nevertheless, even after coming so far, the sector will continue unlocking new and improved horizons. In fact, one particular partnership should bolster this trend further.

General Motors and Honda have officially announced an expansion of their two-year old partnership. Initially purposed around building two EVs in Honda Prologue and Acura SUV, the partnership will now take up a bigger shape, as the companies look to launch “a series of affordable electric vehicles”, which are going to be based on GM’s renowned EV platform and its cutting-edge Ultium-branded battery packs. According to certain reports, the production of these vehicles is likely to begin in 2027. Interestingly enough, while we don’t know much about the specifications and all the other related stuff, what we are aware of is that the companies are planning to work on multiple crossover SUVs. Apart from it, there is also a shared intention to keep the prices below $30,000 mark.

“We plan to leverage these strengths to achieve a dramatic expansion in the sales of affordable, compact electric vehicles,” said Rick Schostek, EVP at American Honda. “The foundation of this collaboration is the strength of the relationship between GM and Honda, and the comfort level we have in joint development projects based on successful collaboration in other advanced technology projects focused on electric and autonomous vehicles.”

Before exploring strategic partnerships, General Motors and Honda have collaborated across other areas too. For instance, Honda has been a close investor for GM’s autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Cruise, where it is has invested over $2 billion in 12 years.


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