Expanding the Automotive Footprint

There are many things that make human beings so special, but what stands out rather comfortably is our willingness to become better. You see, when you are trying to grow under all possible situations, you end up giving yourself a fair shot at achieving some significant milestones. Now, if we talk about the milestones we have stumbled upon so far from a collective standpoint, we’ll likely touch upon some unique stuff along the way. However, despite this uniqueness, you probably won’t find anything as significant as technology. Technology looks like such an anomaly here due to reasons that were well beyond our comprehension for a long time. While we kept on crediting the creation’s innate skill-set, we didn’t quite give enough attention to the manner in which it was using those skills to impact the entire human spectrum. This far-reaching impact was, in fact, the main reason why technology was so successful in turning us into a tech-driven society. Nevertheless, even after the stated transition was done, we would continue to conceive new inroads in regards to making an optimal use of the creation. Interestingly, Ford’s latest decision might just help us take a massive step in that very direction.

Ford has officially revealed plans to dedicate around $3.7 billion to building manufacturing facilities across Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. According to certain reports, the project will provide over 6,200 unionized jobs.  The company also hopes to convert more than 3,000 temporary employees into permanent ones, and if everything goes well, it will do that ahead of schedule. Apart from the stated positive, Ford is planning to spend a total of $1 billion for improving overall conditions at all its US plants. Now, while the new manufacturing facilities certainly headlined the announcement, the automaker went on to talk about the upcoming iterations of Mustang and Ranger. Both the vehicles will be produced in the Michigan facility. Notably enough, their entire manufacturing process is expected to follow the guidelines of Ford Blue, which is essentially a legacy powertrain division. Beyond that, Ford already has plans in place to add more jobs over time for boosting production of F-150 Lighting, as well as the Transit and E-Transit vehicles. This scale up, in particular, will be supported by Ford Model E, the company’s EV and software division.

You’d think this is where the announcements end, but Ford also unveiled a new commercial EV. At present, we don’t know much about this one, so how it shakes out is something that remains to be seen.

Ford will reportedly carry out the entire project in collaboration with United Arab Motors.

“This investment only deepens our commitment to building great new vehicles—from an all-new Mustang to new EVs—right here in the U.S. in partnership with the UAW,” said Bill Ford, executive chair of Ford.

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