Adding Value to Your Journey

It’s fascinating how our expectations as a society have changed so much in such a short timeframe. Not long ago we used to have a very basic set of objectives, almost all of them focused on our survival, but that feels like a time too far behind us. The modern age has truly modernized itself in every imaginable aspect, and it has done so by pledging its allegiance to technology. However, by overhauling the methods that have stayed in place for decades, we have also altered our goals. We are no longer motivated by the bare minimum. Instead, it has become more about building something bigger and more meaningful on the existing foundations, thus adding more value for the customer. This increased focus on value means that the creators have no option but to put out the best possible product in the market. Once that has been achieved, they must also keep reworking it so that it’s moving toe-to-toe with the latest trends. It’s a principle that holds water for every industry out there, and automotive industry is no different.

Automotive industry’s journey to this point is loaded with innovation. The vehicle manufacturers of the olden times were just interested in creating a product that gets a person from one place to another. However, the companies would be shooting themselves in the foot, if they do that today. Gone are the days when all you had to do was sell a product. Today, you must sell an experience. The importance of this fact can be observed in all the enhancements that the automotive companies are making these days in their products, aggressively trying to gain an extra edge. While these enhancements can be wide-ranging, the latest rage in the automotive industry is largely centered on 5G. Every major manufacturer is investing heavily to integrate 5G into their vehicle, and automotive giant, General Motors has recently joined the list.

As per a press release sent out this month, General Motors, in partnership with AT&T, are officially throwing their hat in the ring for 5G integration into their automobiles. The first 5G-equpped car from General Motors will hit the market in 2024. Along with that, many GM cars with in-built 4G connectivity will also end up getting bestowed with higher speeds and other performance benefits that are originally going to be a part of the 5G package. This decision comes after company’s 5G vehicle testing program, which ran for nearly 2 years, provided a positive report in terms of technology’s viability and what all other things it can offer. Even though General Motors haven’t yet announced which model will be carrying their expedition into 5G, automotive enthusiasts are expecting it to be GMC Hummer EV SUV, a model already confirmed to launch in 2024.

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