Never Lost Your Keys Again

We humans are always in need of some purpose. This pursuit for a force that drives us ahead has guided us towards things that were once considered as too big for us. Step by step, we have chipped away this argument by making astonishing ideas a part of our reality. One such idea was of technology. Ever since technology came into the fold, there has barely been a dull moment. The breakneck frequency of tech-inspired creations has made sure that we always have something to explore and learn about. One of the biggest reasons behind technology’s success has been this very consistency. Even though we have some of the most comprehensive devices and other related technologies at our disposal today, we haven’t allowed ourselves to get complacent, which in turn has further widened the pond of possibilities for us. Nevertheless, not every by-product of this revolution is on a similar level. Some of them have proven their credentials as game-changers. One such game-changer turned up on the block disguised as biometric technology. There used to be a time when biometric technology wasn’t quite well-known outside of tech circles, but with even mobile phones having biometric features today, it can easily stake a claim at being one of the most popular pieces of tech right now. Adding it to our smart phones might have been a resounding success, but a new chapter awaits this technology, a chapter that will take it all the way to automotive sector.

A few days ago, reports started to emerge that car-manufacturer, Genesis was planning to bring facial recognition and fingerprint technology into its cars. Since then, the news has been confirmed by a company’s representative. The features will be available in Genesis’ GV60 electric car. A near-infrared camera on the B-pillar will scan your face, and in a jiffy, your car will be unlocked. Such a feature, as you can guess, eliminates any need for taking care of car keys, thus bolstering up convenience to a whole another level. As per the details shared by Genesis so far, the system will be equipped to store information of upto two faces at a given time. Furthermore, the said information will be stored in a fully encrypted way and can be deleted whenever the user wishes to do so.

The facial recognition feature, however, won’t just be restricted to unlocking the car. Once it is done scanning your face, the system will automatically set your seat, mirrors, infotainment, and head-up display as per your preferred choices. The fingerprint feature, on the other hand, will get the car up and running, while also helping you operate it along the way.


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