An In-Car Experience That Outdoes the Whole History of Our Automotive Space

Sony Electronics Inc has officially announced the launch of XAV-AX3700, which marks the latest addition to its line of car AV receivers. According to certain reports, XAV-AX3700 brings a large anti-glare screen with an enhanced user interface and customizations, along with space saving installation and exceptional wireless audio quality to provide a simple and sleek support to the vehicle. Using the stated setup, it delivers at our disposal a customizable experience to fit user’s personal viewing preference, while simultaneously providing optimal sound. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper, though, we begin from the presence of Apple CarPlay, which enables iPhone® users to make phone calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, access their favorite apps, and get directions with real-time traffic conditions, including third party navigation apps. They can markedly do so with a single easy-to-navigate dashboard, thus helping the driver stay focused on the road. Next up, we have a simple button control where large keys were incorporated to ensure safe access of volume, source, sound settings, and voice control option. Joining the same would be a prospect of customizable wallpaper, as well as selectable clock design. In the former’s case, users can enjoy various color presets or the ability to upload their existing JPEG images from a USB device, whereas the former hands you the option to choose your preferred clock design from the three options i.e. analog clock face, digital, and none.

Then, there is Space Saving Installation with Single DIN Rear Chassis. This chassis is designed with single-DIN dimensions that give enough room under the radio for cable harnesses, steering wheel control, and integration boxes, etc. Furthermore, it also provides the user a facility to install the radio in vehicles that may have obstructions behind the radio mounting area. Equipped with Sony’s Quick Wake Up feature to let you move right after activating the ignition, the product in question is even made to be USB Type-C® (Hi-speed) compatible. The stated compatibility is served to customers alongside a reversible connection interface which ensures safe and easy plug in. Moving on to 3-preout Terminals, they are in place mainly to let a customer build one full acoustic system, a mono amplifier, and 4-channel amplifier for even louder and powerful sound reproduction. Hold on, we still have a few more bits left to unpack, considering we haven’t yet discussed the setup’s promise to be rear view camera ready with adjustable parking guidelines. Here, users can basically see the image of a connected rear view camera when shifting the vehicle’s transmission lever to the R (Reverse) position or tapping the Rear Camera icon in the home screen.

Another detail worth a mention is rooted in the product’s nod to iDatalink® Maestro® that connects vehicle’s onboard computer with car audio. Such a facility allows the computer to work like a customized display for the car’s factory-equipped functions and features. Apart from that, customers can come in expecting integration with SiriusXM radio, an integration where the idea is to provide a more intuitive operation whenever users connect their SiriusXM® Radio satellite tuner. Building upon that is a DSP embedded right within the mix to offer sound processing and time alignment down to a remarkable 1cm for each of the 5 addressable channels (4 speakers + subwoofer via pre-out). Alongside the DSP, the solution supplies a 14-band EQ which enables adjustment of the overall sound to accommodate customers’ music taste.

Set to become available for purchase from June 2024, the XAV-AX3700 will have a retail price of $399.99.


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