Racing Ahead of Time

Things were simple but they were also sluggish before humans decided to go for continuous innovation and enhance the quality of their lives in ways that have driven far beyond anything we predicted. We had an idea that we would be able to raise the floor for ourselves, if we just do certain things differently, but it’s safe to say we have outperformed that idea by a country mile. Now, even though it’s almost like a world we don’t recognize, we are learning something more about it every day. We are learning about the benefits of this evolution and its catalysts. Of course, the biggest one being technology.

We might have sacrificed the simplicity of the world, but the return we got for it made the risk worthwhile. Just because of technology, we have better healthcare, better education, better business opportunities, and a plethora of more improvements that are playing a pivotal role in shaping us and making us better. With such grand success, the visionaries cannot find a reason to stop. They are aiming for another mile and the road to get there is becoming clearer with time. An example of this would be the concept of self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are already establishing themselves as a long-term technology. When it was first revealed, the concept stirred some doubt across the people. However, visionaries like Elon Musk continued to back it, and by looking at the latest move from Tesla, it can be assumed they are going all in.

Recently, Tesla announced that they are making their Full Self-Driving feature available as a monthly subscription worth $199. Even though all Tesla cars come with a set of standard autopilot features that automate certain aspects of driving, FSD is said to have a broader category of offerings. Basically, with FSD, you are getting advanced functionality for your existing autopilot feature. Furthermore, you are availing features like automatic overtaking of slower cars on highways, automatic reacting to traffic lights and stop signs, and also handling of some parking situations. Currently, only Tesla cars with the latest version, 3.0 of the FSD computer chip, are eligible for this service.

The FSD option has been there for a while now, but its staggering price-tag of $10,000 has kept the flock of customers limited. The tag still remains in place for people willing to make the full purchase.

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