Conceiving a Critical AI Use Case for the Federal Government

Customer Value Partners has officially announced the launch of a customizable, innovative solution called Franklin, which is designed to let agencies achieve their critical missions using trustworthy AI. According to certain reports, the stated solution arrives on the scene as ATO-capable, well-equipped to meet the tough standards of NIST 800-53. Furthermore, it is powered by patent-pending algorithms built to mitigate hallucinations and improve quality. By leveraging such a robust setup, the solution can help a variety of users, but it can especially empower those government agencies that can’t rely on mainstream generative AI (GenAI) tools like ChatGPT for security reasons. Talk about the whole development on a slightly deeper level, it is segregated into three different products, each one aptly positioned to meet a specific need with demonstrable ROI. Starting from FranklinQ&A, this one basically brings out a chatbot who can review and synthesize your unique data so to generate accurate answers to complex queries, and generate them around-the-clock. Making the solution even more important is its ability to reduce average wait and handling times by 98% and 75%, respectively. On top of that, it also cuts down on agent-related operational costs by 93% in customer support applications. Next up, we have the FranklinAnalyst. FranklinAnalyst acts as your research assistant to quickly review large volumes of non-standardized complex documents. To give some context, the stated research assistant can help you answer questions and find elusive data almost 99.8% faster than human reviewers. Complimenting the same is how the solution can significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy of compliance-related tasks, thus saving substantial time and agency resources.

“Artificial intelligence in general, and generative AI and large language models in particular, will have a transformational impact on the business of government,” said Anirudh Kulkarni, CEO of Consumer Value Partners. “However, the challenges of leveraging commercially available GenAI technologies—specifically those involving hallucinations, security, and cost—are inhibiting adoption on the part of our federal government partners. We’ve built Franklin to leverage the best of GenAI’s capabilities, but in a package that our federal customers can leverage immediately with minimal risk.”

Rounding up highlights is a solution named FranklinDev, which can create, test, and deploy code on your behalf to maximize productivity. The unique selling point of this particular product is rooted in its pledge to reduce the time required for writing and deploying code, trimming it down from several weeks to mere minutes. Such reduction should save users a substantial 99.75% in developer-related costs. Markedly enough, though, FranklinDev streamlines your entire software development lifecycle without ever compromising accuracy, security, or data privacy. Among other details, we must mention that the Franklin package as whole can be integrated with existing technologies and systems.

Developed by CVP’s award-winning NextLabs team—an internal innovation practice focused on building secure, impactful technologies that solve federal government’s unique challenges, Franklin provides an interesting follow-up to White House’s decision to introduce new policy establishing safety and security requirements for AI use in federal government.

“Our NextLabs team knew that if we could make GenAI work for the federal government, it would be a game-changer—and it is,” said Cal Zemelman, Vice President of Data Science and Engineering at Consumer Value Partners.” We’re committed to expanding Franklin’s product line and already have several other solutions in testing, all focused on making sure federal agencies can realize the benefits of today’s fast-emerging technologies.”



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