Constructing a New Identity

It might sound somewhat controversial, but there is a strong reason to believe that our lives are largely controlled by some well-defined, as well as certain abstract concepts. A good chunk of our time here goes into fulfilling the obligations that these concepts bring on day-day basis. However, for years, we struggled to do so with an adequate amount of precision. Every now and then, it would all boil down to choosing what things had to be prioritized under the given circumstances. This, as you can guess, left a lot to be desired out of every situation. Fortunately, we were able to get over the said hump when technology entered the frame. For the time first time ever, we found ourselves in a position where we could achieve anything and that too with an unbeatable ease. Once concrete results began to further testify the creation’s brilliance, we all officially boarded the technology hype train. This train led us through numerous changes, which were collectively going to give the world a whole new identity. While the journey, as whole, held a significant value in our lives, it did have some phases that must be placed above the others. One such phase arrived when integral sectors like the construction and more began to embrace technology. Construction industry has long been criticized for the sheer lack of agility in its operations. Nevertheless, the tide is finally turning, and one of the companies leading the charge is Turner Construction.

Turner Construction, a New York based organization, is bringing the power of machine learning to the construction sphere, as the company now looks set to make the CraneView sensor technology a mainstay in its operations. Up until now, Turner’s use of it was restricted to the pilot program, but after having observed some real success with this transformative idea, the company has made a decision to integrate it across the board. Built by Versatile, CraneView sensor is an answer to the heaps of accountability issues that the sector faces at the moment. It starts off by gaining a vantage point of the entire jobsite activity. Next up, the gathered data is then run through a ML-driven cloud-based system that gauges operational efficiency and progress through specific metrics.

“We’re moving into a new phase of AI. This is the phase where we are talking about real-world applications, tailored to real-world problems. Versatile hasn’t gone overboard on AI, they train AI to look at images from the crane. It’s really smart, really clever of them to focus on one problem, and grow from that,” says James Barrett, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Turner.

The association between Turner and Versatile is unique in many ways, one of them being the fact that unlike other construction tech solutions, CraneView isn’t centered on replacing manual workforce. Instead, it’s all about helping the companies maximize their investments and unlock that next level.


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