Four Autotech Trends in 2018

As technical innovations in Autotech industry took a fast pace over the last few decades, much has been done to add to the delight of the car lovers. From old wooden basic steering wheel to modern Tesla self-driving features, advanced technology has made a shift to next generation Autotech mobility systems –a possibility. While 90% of car accidents are attributed to human mistakes, introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Autotech industry will significantly help in reducing accidents. Disruptive innovations will transform the Autotech industry completely. Soon petrol-fuelled cars will become a history. Many of such trends are just around the corner and we will soon be able to see latest Autotech trends entering the showrooms this year.

Here are some of the recent automotive technologies that will surely catch attention of customers worldwide in the year 2018.

  1. Autonomous vehicles

Road Vehicles: One of the major trends that top this list is the concept of self-driven cars. Indubitably, autonomous vehicles have been a hot topic ever since the global autonomous vehicle market is focusing on improvisation of a safer driving experience on roads. Automakers are expecting the launch of first ever self-driven car to be on roads within the next two years. In fact, General Motors has doubled its test fleet of self-driven cars to 100 and this fleet is being tested in California.

Aerial vehicles: Fully autonomous drones can be developed much faster as compared to cars. Dubai is going to be the first city to launch autonomous drones for public transport. It will be a lot faster due to advanced battery technology plus it will address air traffic safety most importantly.

  1. Big Data trends

Big Data is one of the promising trends influencing every industry and automotive industry is one where Big Data poses to be the primary game changing trend. Artificial Intelligence will be critical for development of connected cars that can efficiently handle several risk factors like traffic accidents. It will further help in fixing of potential problems like vehicle breakdowns. As a result of predictive analysis, car makers will be able to tackle competition, cost pressures and vehicle performance more efficiently.

  1. 3D Printing

Presently, car structures are designed to last for an average of eight years while maximum crash bearing capacity is four to five. But when 3D printing technology is used, the car’s outer body is designed to withstand only a single crash. After a single crash, outer body can be replaced by using cost effective methods while keeping the same old basic structure in place. Such 3D printed structures with electronics will be skyrocketing in 2018 as the key players in Autotech industries are collaborating with each other. Moreover, companies like Mantis Composites have also successfully received SBIR grant for production of 3D printed carbon fiber parts for use in automotive, biomedical and aerospace markets.

  1. Blockchain

Last but certainly not the least; blockchain is one of the super hot trends to watch for in 2018. Presently, startups, SMEs and big corporations are developing Blockchain to enable auto manufacturers track the production process with the help of a secure database. This tracking will help in improving transparency and in turn, will result in efficient pricing strategies. Automotive industry will spend on blockchain to facilitate digital transformation and to gain advantage of micropayments, immutability, cost reduction, elimination of third parties and cryptographic security also.

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