Future Hitting the Road

It’s safe to say that technology is good at a ton of things. The sheer size of its skill-set beats even our wildest dreams with ease. However, this raw skill-set was never going to be enough for fulfilling the creation’s goal of achieving timeless importance. To make that happen, it needed to deliver on a bigger stage. So, technology slowly started to evolve itself, step-by-step adding more ammunition to its arsenal. In other words, it would go on to become a phenomenon that had something for literally everyone out there. Getting to such a point was certainly an accomplishment of epic proportions, but that didn’t stop technology from gunning for higher peaks. Next up, it laid its focus on reinventing things that were already a part of world’s fabric. This move in particular would change technology’s fortunes, as it was now nurturing the growth of areas that were, more or less, the supporting pillars of our lives. One such area through which technology seeped into our existence for the better was of automotive. If we are being fair, the automotive industry was never reaching the point it’s currently at today without having cutting-edge tech tools at its disposal. Furthermore, it has also benefitted majorly from the scaling up of technology. The new advancements have helped the automakers big time in bringing higher value to their products, thus making them more appealing to every customer segment. Nevertheless, it’s all about to become even better. The association between technology and your vehicle looks poised to go up a notch, at least that’s what Honda’s latest announcement indicates.

Automotive giant, Honda has officially announced that its cars will soon hit the road with Google’s Android Automotive as their default operating system. This comes as another big breakthrough for Google in its pursuit of expanding company’s reach across the vehicle industry. The company, over the recent past, has made an aggressive push to penetrate the said market, and they haven’t done it without any good reason. It took a long while, but Google’s focus on presence and revenue diversification is now higher than ever before. Talking specifically about their efforts in automotive sphere, Google has spearheaded many initiatives, with the well-known Open Automotive Alliance being one of them.

As a result of this new Honda-Google collaboration, Honda drivers will be able to access services Google’s voice-activated Assistant, Google Maps, and many other Android apps that Honda’s team has approved. Previously, Honda has also used Android Auto in their vehicles. However, the new Android Automotive eliminates any need of a smartphone to send instructions, something that was integral to the construction of the old setup. While Honda hasn’t yet revealed which of their cars will be the first one to have Android Automotive, the company has confirmed that they are planning to roll out the feature in 2022.

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