POMS Corporation: Accelerating the MES Evolution

No matter the size of a manufacturing operation, an MES can contribute to overall productivity and profitability by driving the manufacturing process information. Regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, medical devices, aeronautics and aerospace, defense, and biotechnology particularly benefit because regulated companies must adhere to strict regulations to ensure traceability compliance. They must make sure that appropriate procedures are in place for building compliant products, that these procedures are documented, and that the resulting products can be easily recalled if necessary. Manufacturing execution systems track a huge amount of data, producing real-time insights that can boost production efficiency and save costs. This is where POMS Corporation is creating a change. POMS is committed to improving the effectiveness, competitiveness, and compliance of regulated manufacturers by delivering proven, world-class manufacturing execution system MES solutions that integrate seamlessly with other enterprise applications.


There are over 200 validated sites and more than 25,000 POMS Corporation MES users across 20 countries, making POMSnet Aquila electronic batch record software one of the most widely used POMS solutions in the healthcare products industries (pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, cell and gene therapy, medical devices. The capabilities and features of POMS MES were specifically created from the beginning to fulfill the demanding standards for quality and compliance in the cGMP environment.  The products and services that they offer help clients succeed. Knowing that their production processes are reliable and repeatable helps them concentrate on gaining a competitive edge with their products. POMS adds value through close client relationships and a thorough knowledge of our sector. The interaction with consumers goes beyond essential assistance and concentrates only on their success as a whole. Their goods and services are made to develop together with the demands of their industry. “Our focus is on our customers. We bring value through client intimacy and a strong understanding of our industry. Our relationship with our customers extends past basic support and into a singular focus on their overall success. Our products and services are designed to evolve and grow as their business needs do.”


Delivering Next Generation of MES


MES software can also help manufacturers take advantage of a key trend in the evolution of manufacturing execution systems: customized production. POMS’s continual investments in MES Research and Development result in a flexible MES solution that is easy to learn and does not require customization. POMSnet Aquila is a web-based manufacturing execution system (MES) crafted for Life Sciences manufacturing. Utilizing HTML5 and Microsoft. NET technology, POMSnet is entirely web-based and offers users a user-friendly interface that can be implemented and maintained affordably. POMSnet Aquila includes recipe and specification management, materials management, equipment management, production order management, recipe execution, electronic batch records, and device history. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems are implemented using industry best practices and business logic by POMSnet. The next generation of MES systems on cutting-edge technology has been developed by POMS by offering a complete set of specifications and authoring tools and building the system from the ground up using Microsoft. NET. POMSnet was designed for high availability. Microsoft technologies are simple to use and maintain. POMSnet is used by the world’s most sophisticated and expensive GMP product manufacturing businesses. The POMSnet Aquila product was created using the most recent and reliable industry technology, and it is entirely HTML5 (mobile/touch enabled) and web-based. By using the latest technologies, we give our customers a solution that is reliable and future-proof. Customers have the choice of hosting the application locally or having POMS provide a comprehensive SaaS MES Cloud delivery and support solution for the whole application infrastructure thanks to our design alternatives. “As the president of POMS, my vision is to drive technological innovation and empower businesses to thrive in an ever-changing world. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform industries, enhance efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for our clients” says Patrick Nazzaro, President of POMS.


Standard tools make the integration between POMSnet and other systems like ERP, LIMS, CAPA, training, document management, and asset management possible. The majority of typical systems include templates for quick deployment based on technology that is used by everyone. For the integration of equipment, POMSnet offers direct connectors for devices and process control systems. Scales, bar-code readers, and other hardware are accessible from local workstations. Connectivity to process control systems is provided through OPC clients that are industry standard. Control system-based batch logic may be launched and monitored by POMSnet recipes using functional interfaces based on the S88 batch standard, and control system events can be recorded for inclusion in the electronic batch record. “We understand that software quality and reliability are an extremely important component of our customers’ expectations of us. We strive to meet their high standards daily through the strategic mix of process and adaptability. We are craftsmen of our trade and take deep pride in our work.”


Specialized Services with Perfection


POMS Corporation (formerly INCODE Corporation) was founded in 1987 as the development partner for a consortium of Fortune 100 regulated manufacturing companies. From its inception, the features and capabilities of POMS MES were explicitly designed to meet the stringent requirements for quality and compliance in the cGMP environment. POMS Corporation was acquired by Honeywell in 1999 and was then acquired by Constellation Software Incorporated (ticker symbol CSU.TO listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange) in 2012. Throughout the changes in ownership, POMS Corporation has remained intact as the same company was initially founded and has retained many of the same employees who began the company. In 2012, POMS Corporation was acquired by Constellation Software Inc.’s Perseus Operating Group. As part of the Constellation family, POMS continues to provide the specialized and individual attention businesses expect from an innovative software company in the regulated life sciences industries. With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and offices in North America, Europe, Australia, South America, and Africa, the company have over 22,000 employees generating consolidated revenues exceeding US $6.6 billion.


POMS Corporation’s industry knowledge, validation experience, and MES technology are unparalleled in the cGMP environment. In fact, the company’s MES products set the standard for manufacturing in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cell & Gene Therapy, Medical Device, Consumer Packaged Goods, and other regulated industries. POMS has a bright future ahead of it as long as it keeps innovating and adapting to the shifting demands of its clients. With its solid basis, technological know-how, and dedication to sustainability, POMS is well-positioned to continue bringing about transformational change in the area of technology solutions, ensuring that its customers are successful and competitive in a business environment that is changing quickly.


Patrick Nazzaro

“As the president of POMS, my vision is to drive technological innovation and empower businesses to thrive in an ever-changing world. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform industries, enhance efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for our clients”

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