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One of the biggest and most significant sectors in the world is the building sector. The locations where one lives, studies, works, and plays must be constructed, maintained, and powered. The intricacy, ongoing unpredictability, and high risk make it one of the hardest businesses to work in. When one looks past the turmoil of the construction site, some fantastic people are up for the task and find great fulfillment in creating the world around them for others. These people include builders, designers, developers, engineers, and craftsmen. Still, in most cases, industry-wide, ineffective procedures and expensive rework contribute to stifled profitability and massive physical waste. So, based on unwavering confidence in the ability to combine humans and technology to alter industries and improve lives, Procore was established.


By simplifying and mobilizing project communications and documentation, Procore assists businesses in significantly increasing project efficiency and accountability. This accessibility to real-time data reduces expensive risks and delays, eventually increasing revenues. By bringing together owners, general contractors, specialist contractors, architects, and engineers in one location, their platform made it easier for project teams to work. In addition to expanding to service new stakeholders and global markets, Procore produced more solutions for their current clients. “When people ask me what my goal is for the future of Procore, my answer is simple: I never want to stop providing people in the construction industry with technology that makes their lives easier, safer, and more productive,” says Tooey Courtemanche, CEO, Founder, and President of Procore.


Procore is the only genuine software platform in the building sector that establishes a single hub for communication for owners, prime contractors, subcontractors, and other project collaborators throughout the project lifecycle. Their platform-based approach and open API made it easy to integrate and embed experiences for accounting, analytics, bidding, BIM, CRM, document management, estimating and takeoffs, field productivity, IT, legal and compliance, portfolio management, progress documentation, quality and safety, resource management, scheduling, site cameras, weather, and more.


Balfour Beatty was a construction juggernaut established in 1909 whose projects consistently set the bar for excellence and innovation. Recently, the building giant’s continued development into a more modernized and competitive market reached a turning point that tested—and discovered—the scale-based limitations of paper-based construction procedures. The flexible cloud-based construction management software from Procore collects, arranges, and simplifies project data in a cooperative virtual environment that keeps everyone informed. The software was combined with the cloud solution provided by Amazon Web Services to receive real-time project data, fluid decision-making, and useful project analytics. With the help of Procore, Balfour Beatty uses digital processes to stay flexible and come up with new ideas while reducing risk across its portfolio.


The four product lines of Procore, a worldwide platform for construction management, are created to link all stakeholders at every stage of the building process. Tender Management is a product in their preconstruction portfolio. They supply tools for project management, quality and safety, design coordination, and BIM in project management. Tracking and analyzing field productivity and equipment management are made easier by their resource management product range. Project Financials, Invoice Management, and Accounting Integrations are the components of Procore’s Financial Management packages. The fact that Procore is a genuine platform sets them apart from other building software options. Many companies in the sector claim to deliver “cloud-based, connected construction solutions,” but in reality, all they provide is a collection of point solutions that force users to copy and paste data between different apps. The seamless platform of Procore makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks, and survey respondents who agreed that Procore reduces rework said that it did so by an average of 16%.


Tooey Courtemanche
CEO, Founder and President.

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