Fortify: Leading the Way in Digital Composite Manufacturing

Fortify, a groundbreaking technology company based in Boston, Massachusetts, is revolutionizing the world of additive manufacturing through its unique approach to digital composite manufacturing. Founded in 2016, the company has garnered significant attention and investment due to its innovative methods that combine 3D printing with advanced materials science. This profile delves into Fortify’s journey, its pioneering technologies, and the potential impact it is poised to have on various industries.


Fortify was established with a mission to transform the manufacturing industry by enhancing the capabilities of 3D printing through the use of composite materials. The company’s founders, Joshua Martin and Ben Arnold, set out to develop cutting-edge technology that would allow for the production of stronger, more durable, and precisely engineered parts and products. Since its inception, Fortify has gained recognition as a leader in digital composite manufacturing.


Fortify’s approach to digital composite manufacturing revolves around several key technologies and methodologies that set it apart in the additive manufacturing sector. Fluoride-Interface Technology: At the heart of Fortify’s innovation is its proprietary Fluoride-Interface Technology. This technology facilitates the incorporation of reinforcing fibers, such as carbon or glass, into 3D-printed parts. By introducing these fibers at the microscopic level, Fortify significantly enhances the strength, stiffness, and overall performance of the printed components.


Customizable Composite Materials: Fortify offers a range of composite materials that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a project. These materials are formulated with a combination of reinforcing fibers and a resin matrix, providing designers with the flexibility to create parts with a precise balance of strength, weight, and other mechanical properties. Continuous Kinetic Mixing: The Continuous Kinetic Mixing (CKM) system, developed by Fortify, ensures that the composite materials are consistently mixed and fed into the printer, maintaining the homogeneity of the feedstock. This is critical for producing high-quality parts with uniform properties.


Fortify’s technology utilizes digital microfluidic control, which enables precise placement of reinforcing fibers in the print, resulting in stronger and more resilient components. This level of control is unmatched in the industry and allows for the design of complex geometries with advanced material properties. Fortify’s printers are equipped with real-time quality control systems that monitor the printing process. This technology identifies issues during the printing, ensuring that each part meets the specified requirements, reducing waste and enhancing production efficiency.


Fortify’s innovations are increasingly used in the healthcare industry for applications such as orthopedic implants, prosthetics, and customized medical devices. The ability to tailor material properties to specific medical needs is a significant advantage. The manufacturing sector leverages Fortify’s technology for the creation of tooling and fixtures, which play a pivotal role in production processes. The ability to customize these components to meet specific manufacturing requirements is a game-changer.


The technology is also applicable to the consumer goods industry, allowing for the production of lighter, more durable, and innovative products. From sporting goods to electronics, Fortify’s approach provides new design possibilities. Fortify’s technology contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing material waste and energy consumption. The use of advanced composite materials in 3D printing can result in parts that are lighter, which can lead to energy savings in various applications, such as in transportation. Additionally, the precise control over material properties and the potential for producing parts with longer lifespans can reduce the overall environmental impact of manufacturing.


Fortify maintains a strong commitment to innovation and collaboration. The company actively collaborates with industry partners and research institutions to push the boundaries of digital composite manufacturing. This approach ensures that their technology remains at the forefront of advancements in additive manufacturing, offering clients the latest tools and techniques to drive their projects forward.


Fortify, founded in 2016, has rapidly established itself as a leader in digital composite manufacturing through its innovative technologies and custom composite materials. The company’s groundbreaking Fluoride-Interface Technology, combined with Continuous Kinetic Mixing and digital microfluidic control, allows for the creation of parts with exceptional strength and performance. These parts find applications across a wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to healthcare and consumer goods.


Fortify’s commitment to innovation and collaboration ensures that they remain at the forefront of technological advancements. Their ability to provide tailored composite materials and precise control over the 3D printing process positions them as a key player in the future of advanced manufacturing. In a world where performance, efficiency, and sustainability are paramount, Fortify is poised to drive the next wave of innovation in the industry.


Josh Martin
Co-Founder & CEO

“Fortify’s technology utilizes digital microfluidic control, which enables precise placement of reinforcing fibers in the print, resulting in stronger and more resilient components”

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