Document Crunch: AI Innovation for the Construction Industry

The construction industry erects buildings, infrastructure, and industrial structures that are the foundation of our economies and are essential to our daily lives. Document Crunch’s AI quickly identifies critical provisions in construction contracts, insurance policies, plans or specifications, and many other documents. They also help their customers do more with less and provide the project teams with an AI-powered document review tool to help them understand and manage their risks. Document Crunch leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and engages it to help reduce cost, increase speed, and improve the overall quality of the contract and policy reviews. Also, Document Crunch is trained to quickly identify what the industry curators and advisors believe are the most important provisions for consideration for each document type.


With Document Crunch, one can quickly pick out over 40 provisions to evaluate the risk and minimize the time and money associated with a contract review for any purpose. This tool helps general contractors and subcontractors to analyze risk. It automatically identifies provisions such as contract price, waivers of consequential damages, subrogation waivers, indemnity, insurance obligations, etc. Document Crunch’s Curators provide insight, logic, and sample contract provisions to help with the contract negotiations and drafting. It can also act as a good training tool for the team.


The provisions identified include notice obligations and technical requirements, completion requirements, contractor remedies such as the right to stop work, and other essential conditions the project teams must be aware of. They will quickly audit all ongoing and past projects still at risk for specific vital provisions that define risks such as indemnity requirements, post-completion warranty obligations, and waivers of consequential damages. When it comes to plans, drawings, and specifications, the tool search for risk-shifting and other essential provisions such as Design Responsibility, Confidentiality Requirements, Responsibility for Hazardous Materials, Indemnification, Mandatory Subcontract Flow-Down Requirements, Warranty Obligations, Subsurface Conditions, among others that can sometimes be contained within lengthy and voluminous project plans, drawings and specifications.


Document Crunch’s Industry Accelerators are curated by legal professionals and risk management experts in those industries. Document Crunch for real estate is a tool that can be used during due diligence for potential acquisitions to acknowledge the various lease agreements and commitments made by prior property owners across multiple tenant relationships. It can also be used post-acquisition to carry out similar risk assessments. It will also help in due diligence on potential purchases and acquisitions to quickly review pre-existing leases and other agreements. Their Curators polled lawyers to determine the most critical provisions in each document type and then trained our Artificial Intelligence Platform to identify and extract those provisions to make reviewing and negotiating these documents fast, simple, and cost-effective.


Regarding corporate governance guidelines, their curators provide background information and insight that reflect legal and exchange listing requirements, proxy advisory service positions, trends based on market cap, and sample language to help you draft revised provisions where appropriate. In addition to helping with your annual review of governance guidelines, these insights will help you generate informed, data-driven presentations to your Board or Governance Committees regarding the yearly check and any proposed revisions.


Josh Levy is the CEO of Document Crunch, and he co-founded the company with Adam Nadler. Josh has spent the lion’s share of his career building upon extensive leadership and expertise counseling the construction industry. Adam has had a long and successful career in the financial, fitness, and health care industries. Josh’s vision is to raise the bar of the entire construction industry, which has historically struggled to appropriately manage and understand the risks in its contracts and other project documents through Document Crunch.

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