Making Your Driving Experience a Little Less Bumpy

There might be a host of things that make human beings special, but if we are being honest, none of them are more valuable than our ability to get better on a consistent basis. You see, when an individual is scaling up the picture in all situations, they eventually steer themselves towards some notable milestones along the way. This is wholly evident in whatever we have achieved so far, with technology appearing as, by far, the best representation of the same. Technology seems like the ultimate anomaly here for reasons that revolve a lot around how it succeeded in impacting each and every area on our spectrum. The sheer reach of it will expectantly have a big role in turning us into a tech-driven society. Nevertheless, even after we get there, the creation will continue finding inroads to make us smarter than ever before. Now, when you have such a progressive dynamic in place, you can always expect as you move forward, and Tesla’s latest brainchild proves that big time.

Tesla has officially launched a software update, which will allow your vehicle to scan the road for potholes, and consequentially, adjust the suspension accordingly. This can save the car from a ton of underbody damage that is often a by-product of rough roads, but there is a catch. According to Electrek report, the feature’s function will depend heavily upon where, in particular, you are driving the vehicle. “This adjustment may occur at various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads rough road map data generated by Tesla cars,” stated another report. Furthermore, the feature will not be able to function in an autopilot or full self-driving environment.

Apart from ensuring a seamless driving experience with its new pothole detection technology, Tesla has used the new update to make a renewed bid for safer driving. The company has introduced a green light chime that is designed to curb driver distraction, but as the available details convey, “this chime is only designed as a notification. It is the driver’s responsibility to observe their environment and make decisions accordingly.”

Interestingly, even though using adaptive suspension in such a context seems like a breakthrough in itself, Tesla is already ramping up the preparation for that next step. Going back to software’s compatibility with an autopilot and full self-driving environment, the company will counter the said limitation by bringing out a deterrence system, which will use 3D labeling technology to create extensive pothole maps in a quick and reliable manner.

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