Zeek: Transforming the Delivery Ecosystem with Technology

The recent past has been unprecedentedly challenging for the world adapting the new normal of social distancing measures, remote working, and lockdowns. Traditional food and beverages (F&B), retail, hospitality, and service industries have suffered from the hardest hit. However, according to the online retail statistics released by the Census and Statistics Department, the value of online retail sales in Jan 2021 is estimated at $5.41 million. At this point, various delivery scenarios emerge for healthcare facilities, schools and education institutions, exhibition organizers, vegetable marketing organizations, and fish marketing organizations. Companies like Zeek—a smart logistics brand— are at the forefront of providing diversified products including SaaS solutions, on-demand delivery for food and parcel, while meeting all kinds of logistics requirements of businesses across the globe.  “Zeek is proud to be selected as a leading logistics partner, and we have handled over 50,000 orders helping deliver grocery and health items to customers’ doors,” explains KK Chiu, Co-founder & CEO, Zeek.

With the growing customer demands for increasingly speedy shipping, the company’s crowd-sourced delivery provides greater control over the logistics experience. “Our crowd-sourced model with a walker, biker, motor, van, and truck comprises more than 10,000 delivery crew to offer flexible delivery choices based on budget, parcel volume, etc,” adds Chiu. The big advantage of crowd-sourced delivery is the speed with which products can be delivered to the customers’ homes. Because products are picked up from the store or warehouse by a deliverer immediately after ordering, customers can often receive their order within a few hours of placing the order. In addition, crowd-sourced delivery reduces the number of delivery attempts. The better the delivery time can be tailored to the needs of the user, the less likely the deliverer and user will miss each other.

Zeek has accelerated the expansion of service areas and scenarios to cover the growing needs of end-users. To capture the booming online market, many e-commerce companies have partnered with Zeek to ensure the safe and sound delivery of their goods and products. By integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), logistics technology, big data, and operation, the 5 core competencies of the Zeek platform include an O2O SaaS model that provides both technology capabilities and operational advice including pricing, delivery model, service monitoring mechanism. The Zeek Agile integration capability offers API integration with a wide range of systems. While the intelligent logistics approach enables fully automatic and intelligence in delivery map planning, store dispatch algorithms, resources dispatch, and routing, their strong fleet management offers service efficiency, active ratio, and customer service quality.

Zeek’s customers comprise global top-five F&B brands and fast-food chains, leading supermarkets, and department stores. Zeek’s leveraged intelligent logistics technology is trusted by global merchants and Southeast Asian brands. Zeek is working with Hong Kong Television Network Limited for the launch of a new 1-hour delivery option “HKTVexpress” on its 24-hour online shopping mall “HKTVmall”. Customers are now opened to an alternative convenient online shopping experience and the items will be delivered by Zeek, in just one hour! With a strong track record in supporting delivery for large food chains and coffee shops, Zeek applies its quick delivery capability to make the best choice for “HKTVexpress”.

In Vietnam, Golden Resources Development has become the strategic partner of Zeek’s local operation. Cloud Kitchen is the new trend of the F&B industry and is expected to stay on-trend after the pandemic. “Our SaaS Solutions helps cloud kitchens build their online platforms, so they can reach and manage their target customer groups, control operational cost and enhance delivery efficiency,” says Chiu. In the near future, Zeek is confident to become one of the leading intra-city intelligent logistics players in the F&B and lifestyle sectors in Southeast Asia. Eyeing the tremendous opportunities, Zeek adapts its delivery service experiences to provide localized logistics solutions for stores and restaurants to transform digitally. Aiming to expand its business map in Southeast Asia, Zeek will be extending its arms to Taiwan, the Philippines, and Indonesia, using big data and one-stop solutions to create business scenarios that can solve the daily needs of end customers.


KK Chiu
Co-founder & CEO

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